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Check out our awesome schedule of events and rides. Join our community of globetrotters and enjoy rides in the mid-Atlantic region, throughout the USA, or in other continents. You can also connect with us to...
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Our teams are passionate about country roads, scenic views, social responsibility, ecotourism, ice-cream runs, historical sites, and much, much more!!            
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Twelve Seconds

The instructor told us to search, evaluate, and execute using Rider Radar timings of twelve, four, and two seconds. Everybody...
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Square Route Rally Offers Great Riding Opportunities

Whether you like to ride alone or in a group, the Square Route Rally has great riding. Check out the...
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Inattentional Blindness

In the early 2000s I lived in Idaho enjoying big sweepers on my Gold Wing.  The big six pushed a...
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Presidents Day Ride 2024

Presidents Day Ride 2024 What better way to spend Presidents Day than to take a ride to the first monument...
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BMW Motorrad announces MY2025 updates

BMW Motorrad announced a slew of updates to their motorcycles for the 2025 model year; bikes with these new options will be available for ordering...
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Mastering your machine: Small changes often make the biggest impact

Photos by Kandi Spangler and Bill Wiegand and courtesy of the BMW Performance Center. "Feel your butt!" That was the phrase etched into my brain...
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It’s not easy being green

Remember Kermit the Frog’s signature song and 1970 Sesame Street super-hit? Kermit’s ode to involuntary (and sometimes unpleasant) individuality was about the literal color green,...
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Ride Vision Pro2: A groundbreaking advancement in motorcycle safety

Ride Vision’s recently introduced Pro2 system sets the standard for blind spot and distance/collision alerts for motorcycles. The Ride Vision Pro2 system features state-of-the-art AI...
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